What is SEA Youth Cleanup Ambassador Workshop 2019?

The genesis of the idea came from our recent travels to Estonia and Cambodia, meeting like-minded individuals at the Let’s Do It World Conference in Estonia gave us the impetus to take Kindred further in our aspirations and goals. We learnt a great deal from the insightful and diverse sharing, given our different geographies and cultural backgrounds. We realize that there is so much more we can learn from one another and work as a collective to better the region and the world. Hence the idea to hold a workshop for S.E.A, focusing on youth leaders was born.

Objectives of the programme:

  • Opportunity to discuss and learn from one another about the environmental issues  faced
  • Empower the next generation of youth leaders with knowledge, resources and action plans to implement real change that will have a positive impact on their environment
  • Seed World Cleanup Day projects in South East Asian region

Programme Outline:

Workshop Dates:  5 – 6 Jul 2019

Who should attend: Youths from Singapore and South East Asia (aged 15 – 25 years).

Goal: Be empowered to champion an environmental effort in your country, neighbourhood, school or workplace.

Highlights: Learn more about sustainability and gain a deeper understanding of the environmental issues faced by the different SEA countries.

Cost: Expenses incurred during the official program will be covered.

Partners: Government agencies, schools and environmental NGOs

Application deadline: 15 May 2019 (overseas students)

Local participation:  tinyurl.com/kindredseayouth