Yixin is your go-to person when you’ve got a tricky number sum you can’t quite add up; she handles accounting services part-time.
Yixin holds a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Nanyang Technological University.

“My pastor in church once shared with me, ‘God is with you everywhere you go, so be sure to keep everywhere you go clean.’ I used to think that it would be a given for me, living in Singapore where we enjoy the international reputation of being clean and green. However, more often than not, Singapore is clean not out of an innate practice from Singaporeans but rather, out of the effort and hard work of the cleaners we employ.

Can we really say that we are a clean and green country after all? I cannot imagine how will it be when we do not have these people cleaning after us. Will Singaporeans be able to own their trash and still keep a clean environment?

As I pondered upon these questions, I heard about Kindred through a friend and how it was founded based on having “clean thoughts, clean actions, and a clean environment”. That really aligned with my beliefs in life so I did a #SAYNOMORE and put my name in.