Always on the go to raise her level and hunt down the next challenge in life, Wei Lin currently works within the financial sector as Executive Assistant to C-level executives. Finding meaning in all things she does is what keeps her up at night, even if it means having to take the non-conventional path in life.

Cutting her teeth in volunteer work since her tender years, Wei Lin is no stranger to international conferences or senior-level settings. Her volunteering experience has steered her to aim not only for the best for oneself, but for the environment, society and world as well.
Wei Lin holds a Bachelor of Arts (Social Work) from the National University of Singapore.

“One of the perks of being involved in volunteer work internationally is the chance to go to different places and conferences which at times offer the opportunity to volunteer and relax at the same time. Once, a conference I was attending was held at a beach resort. On the evenings, everyone would be relaxing and mingling after a full day of activities.

During these parties, I noticed there would always be this person who heads for the beach instead of the party. At the beach, he would roll up his pants and sleeves and start cleaning the beach at the resort. Later, I found out that person was the President of one of the biggest volunteer organisations in the world; he was invited as a keynote speaker for the conference.

Young and fearless as I was then, I went up to him one evening introducing myself and asking why he did what he did. To that, he said gently, “If I do not clean, who will?” At that, I rolled up my sleeves and joined him in the beach cleaning and slowly, more people noticed us and joined us too. That night, it became beach cleaning party and a most unforgettable experience for me.

Don’t ever think you are too small to start. Your actions may come from the smallest of thoughts and who knows what great game changers we can be to this world!”