Much like how even Superheroes have to pay rent with day jobs (15 MOST MEMORABLE SUPER HERO DAY JOBS), you may bump into Sze Waiy in the CBD where she works as a Strategic Communications Consultant at FTI Consulting’s Singapore office, a global advisory firm.

In her Strategic Communications function, Sze Waiy advises companies on areas of corporate reputation, media relations, public affairs and government relations. Before joining FTI Consulting, Sze Waiy worked as a freelance translator, servicing companies from across public and private sectors in the IT, architecture, consumer goods industry etc.

Sze Waiy holds a Bachelor in Business Management degree from the Singapore Management University, specializing in Corporate Communications and Legal Studies.

“I started full-time work last year and started living with very limited time resources. A breakdown was not so far from becoming reality so desperation demanded that I start thinking how I could live more with less time. Live more with less – this mantra, albeit cliché over spilled to the other parts of my life including many of my lifestyle choices. Who and what am I spending all my time, money, and resources on?

When you start diving down into detail about these things, you suddenly become very aware of your decisions and the impact they create. Humans are visual creatures and one of my most impactful realization was the amount of waste I am creating. It is as simple as knowing one plastic bag goes to waste every time I buy my favourite Pork Floss Bun from the neighbourhood bakery – which I then finish eating in less than a minute. I started using a non-disposable bottle, lunch bag, and utensils. Dr Suen saw me with my full arsenal of non-disposables one time and we started talking less-waste. When he mentioned looking for help on Kindred, I signed up!”