Suen Chun Hui Shinki


An engineer and researcher who has worked with some of the biggest global companies, Chun Hui endeavours to help people navigate their lives in a world where change is the only constant. Currently, Chun Hui lends his experience to Singapore’s booming start-up scene. At Kommerce, he develops disruptive technical solutions with deep social impact for emerging markets – aimed at empowering the financially disadvantaged through information equality and decentralization using blockchain.

“From my youth, I was fortunate to meet a great man-of-action who overcame the odds to make an impact to the people and environment around him. As my personal mentor, he helped shape my values and mentality and has been my motivation to embark on this challenge to make a cleaner and better world.

In 2018, I saw the opportunity to set up Kindred Community, starting from Singapore but with an eye on the region. I believe that when people come together in a united heart and spirit, unfathomable power will come out of it. We are proud to be the country representative for Let’s Do It (LDI), a global movement that envisions civic communities working together to keep the world clean. Singapore’s inaugural participation in World Cleanup Day 2018 was encouraging and we hope to work with even more partners, to push for greater change, moving forward.”