World Cleanup Day Eco Pledge

How to Recycle Right

    Choose the pledges that you will make for a better environment.

    Energy and water consumption reduction (Saves on your utility bills too):
    Switch off appliances after useSet air conditioner at 25 degrees CelsiusBuy energy efficient appliancesUse public transport, cycle or walkPurchase Green Label productsWash clothes on a full loadConserve waterUse clean energy

    Recycle, and in the right way:
    Recycle clean cans, PET bottles and paperRecycle rightRecycle my e-waste at designated e-waste recycling bins

    Reduce my consumption (and save my wallet too):
    Buy, order and take only what you needBring my own reusable shopping bagNot use a plastic strawDonate, sell or up-cycle the things i do not use or need anymore

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