19 August - 17 September 2023

Let’s clean up our Digital trash this World Cleanup Day and do our part for the environment!

The digital world is similar to the physical world we live in.

Every day we generate a huge amount of trash when we consume things. The data that we produce, use and store in our smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and servers is unimaginably huge.

You may not realize it but the carbon footprint of the internet and the systems supporting it accounts for about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions today. That is equivalent to the amount of CO2 produced globally by the airline industry (pre-COVID). By the next decade, studies show that the internet network will produce 20% of the world’s greenhouse gases.


Pledge for digital cleanup 2023

    I agree with the Personal Data Protection terms for Kindred Community.

    You can help change that!

    Did You Know?

    • Every spam email (even if you do not open it), releases an estimated 0.3 grams of CO2 into the atmosphere. An email with an attachment releases 50 grams.

    • Around 62 trillion spam emails are sent every year, requiring the use of 33 billion units of electricity, generating 20 million tonnes of CO2 per year. 80% of this electricity is consumed just by reading and deleting spam emails.

    • Storing 1GB of email over a year consumes 32.1kWh – that’s equal to baking 10 hours with your regular household oven.


    An email weighs an average 230kB (7.4Wh a year).
    If you delete just 30 emails, you save 222Wh a year.
    That is the equivalent of a low energy light bulb (9Wh) left on for a day!

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