Clean Thoughts, Clean Actions, Clean Environment

Building the communities that we love with one Kindred Heart


Our world faces many threats like haze, water
and plastic pollution. With the help of kindred
spirits like you, we are one step closer towards making
our planet earth clean again.


We are a group of unique individuals who
inspire one another to make an impact in our communities.
At Kindred, we believe in collaborating with other like-minded organizations
and individuals to create more opportunities and platforms
that inspire positive change.

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The power of our thoughts and how we share it cannot be underestimated. Today, we are more inter-connected than ever before. Not only do we share and have a joint responsibility towards the physical spaces we live in, but the virtual space that goes beyond geographical and cultural divides, let’s all use that space for the common good too! We urge you to exercise your power to spread clean thoughts, inspire clean actions and together, make a clean environment for all!

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If you have any queries, have a great idea or project to share, have a suggestion for positive change in your community or simply want to drop a note of encouragement to the team, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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